The Business Advisor

In discussions about how to recreate the creativity of the printed magazine, we focused in on readability of the content. With interviews, sponsored content, educational research, videos, ads, and more content types potentially added in the future, it was important to build a strong foundation and keep things simple and clean. We incorporated the visual elements and colour styles from the print magazine, all the while keeping the text uncluttered and easy to track whether on a large desktop monitor or a smaller mobile device.

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Hillcrest Place Apartments

With an apartment building that’s been fully renovated – taken down to the original frame work even – Hillcrest Place Apartments needed a a website to show off the amazing interiors as well as the beautiful views and exteriors of their apartment buildings in Kitimat, British Columbia.

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itracks is the creator of premier software tools for online and mobile market research – located right here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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Saskatoon Friendship Inn

Working with the staff, volunteers and board at The Saskatoon Friendship Inn we were able to build a new website that helps them get the word out about what’s happening at The Saskatoon Friendship Inn.

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