Daily(ish) is a near daily podcast I record solo with whatever happens to be on my mind when I hit record.

Saskatoon Friendship Inn

Working with the staff, volunteers and board at The Saskatoon Friendship Inn we were able to build a new website that helps them get the word out about what’s happening at The Saskatoon Friendship Inn.

J&H Builders Warehouse

With a variety of people who could be visiting their website – customers, contractors, suppliers – it was important that J&H Builders have a site that was simple to navigate and yet powerful enough for the staff to use to communicate what’s happening.


I had the opportunity to work with The Lighthouse Supported Living on the website for their capital fundraising campaign.

Lost & Lemon

Lost & Lemon is a podcast that started as a conversation between myself and my brother-in-law, also Chris, who was living in Australia at the time.