Lost & Lemon is a podcast that started as a conversation between myself and my brother-in-law, also Chris, who was living in Australia at the time.

We both were starting a business around the same time and we also wanted an excuse to talk more so why not start a podcast?

Official Description

A weekly talk show about starting businesses on opposite sides of the world, but on the same internet.

Sample episodes

#82 Married to a Lorinda

#69 I Would Live in a Hole in the Ground

How Does It Work?

  • Chatting over Skype, I record my voice as well as Chris’ on separate tracks.
  • We use Google Docs to share a collaborative document that we both can see during the recording.
  • I do some light editing, add music, and other touches before releasing it to the world.

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Posted by Chris Enns

Hi! I'm the guy behind Lemon Productions. I love to help people use technology and the web to create, promote, and build neat stuff. And especially if it involves podcasting or video.

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