There is a lot of noise online trying to compete for your dollar. And for your potential customers. Let Lemon Productions help you navigate where you should be focusing your time, energy, and marketing dollars to maximize the return on your online investment.

Why Should You Have a Website?

As a small business owner, you’ve got to wear a lot of hats. And wearing lots of hats takes up a lot of your time. A website can help save you time answering questions and can market your business for you all while your running your business.

For example, your website could have:

  • A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page that answers the most common questions you get asked by people on the phone about your service or product.
  • Link to your Twitter account where you answer questions, thank people for their comments and respond to praise or issues people may have with your product or service.
  • A video that demonstrates what sets your product or service apart in a way that text on a page can’t.
  • Simply having your phone number, mailing address and, if applicable, store hours online so people know how and when they can reach you.
  • Testimonials, a portfolio, or case studies on your previous client work.
  • Writing a blog can help demonstrate your knowledge to visitors as well as to Google and other search engines.
  • My favourite: a podcast that let’s people hear about all the things you know.

Why Hire Lemon Productions?

I love to work with small businesses and startups to help them be able to focus on their business while I can take care of the web and marketing.

I’m not a big agency with big agency pricing. But I still strive for a high quality product that you can proudly display as your online presence. I’d love to hear from you – don’t hesitate contact me with your idea or questions today.