Want to Start a Podcast? I Can Help!

In my spare time when I’m not helping businesses with building websites and communicating with their clients on the internet, I run a podcast network I confounded with two of my friends from the internet.

Goodstuff.fm is the home to a bunch of different podcasts, some of which I’m involved with and plenty of which I’m not – which is the fun part of running a podcast network. I get to help my internet friends get a podcast off the ground.

Which made me think that I should see if anyone in Saskatoon is interested in getting into podcasting for their business. I really believe it’s a vastly under-utilized tool at the local level.

Want to hear me talk about this rather than read it? You can listen to a podcast episode I recorded talking about this very idea:

This is an episode of my Daily(ish) podcast I publish on Goodstuff. You can also view/subscribe to it in iTunes.

The Ask

What I’d love to do is find a Saskatoon-based business or two that wants to hire me at a reduced-reduced-from-my-normal rate to consult with them on setting up a podcast – every bit from the gear to get, setting up a website, getting listed in iTunes, SEO advice, advertising and getting listeners to your podcast, to how best to celebrate your first 100 downloads.

Interested? Got questions? Throw your details in the contact form below and we’ll start chatting.

    Besides my consulting fees, there's potentially mic(s) and other audio hardware, web hosting/domains, etc. Any budget can be accommodated - it just helps to know where you're starting from.
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My Podcasting Experience

You can read more about me and podcasting on SSKTN.com but the quick answer is I’ve been producing podcasts since 2010, I’ve recorded over 400 episodes of various podcasts.

Curious about podcasting? You might want to listen to my podcast about podcasting called Show Me Your Mic / or in iTunes.

Gallery of Proof

Dorky pics of me doing the podcasting thing.

New Tutorial Video: How to Set Up a WordPress Blog from Scratch

My latest tutorial video is my longest to date – but it covers everything you need to get started with a WordPress blog from signing up with a hosting company (A Small Orange), picking a domain name, installing WordPress, configuring a custom theme, which plugins to install all the way to your first post.

Check out Setting Up a WordPress Blog from Scratch on my new home for tutorial videos over at Learningwith.ChrisEnns.com or watch it directly on YouTube.

Isn’t This What I’d Pay You To Do For Me?

It’s a great question and it could very possibly be true. But I believe that by sharing information like these tutorial videos I can help more folks get up and publishing on their website AND demonstrate my ability to be paid good money to do it for you if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself.

If you’d like to hire me to help you with any or all of getting a WordPress site going, be sure to contact me today.

How to Use YouTube Annotations – Tutorial Video

Direct link to video

If you’re on YouTube and not making use of annotations, you could be missing out on new subscribers to your channel which means missing out on new viewers for future videos.

In this 8 minute tutorial video I demonstrate how easy it is to add annotations to your YouTube videos that will help viewers find your other videos and subscribe to your channel.

Setting Up a YouTube Channel Page

Whether you’re hoping to become a YouTube superstar or just post some videos for your business, it’s important to set up your YouTube channel properly with the Channel One design that YouTube uses.

Recently I recorded a screencast showing how to set up your YouTube page along with a free Photoshop .PSD or Pixelmator template to use as a starting point.

The Video

Direct link to video

The Results

You can check out (and subscribe) to a few of my YouTube channels if you’re interested to see some options:

Got a cool YouTube Channel set up? Leave a comment below and I’d love to check it out!

Theming 101 on WordPress.tv

Matt Wiebe gave a talk at WordCamp Winnipeg 2013 walking through the basics of theming in WordPress:

Direct link to video

As Matt says in the intro, his talk assumes you have never built a theme and are literally starting from scratch. You’ll be looking at a bit of PHP code and HTML/CSS, but nothing too complicated. Matt does a great job of walking through the basics of making your own WordPress theme.

Your completed theme at the end might not win any design awards – but it gives you a good overview of all the files and code that goes into a WordPress theme.

Facebook Ads for Your Business – Two Part Video Series

I often get asked by clients about Facebook advertising and how to get started with it and so I thought I’d put together a screencast/tutorial video on how Facebook advertising works.

You can go watch part 1 or part 2 on YouTube directly or I’ve embedded them below.

It’s intended to be a general overview of setting up and getting an ad on Facebook – a part 3 is in the works if people are interested on looking at the analytics you get back from running your reports.

I’ve done plenty of other screencasts that I’ve posted to my YouTube channel but never one of this scope so I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Too fast? Too slow? Too much information? Not enough? Leave a comment below or visit my contact page to send me something directly.

Part 1

Direct link to Part 1 of my tutorial on How to Get Started with Facebook Advertising

Part 2

Direct link to Part 2 of my tutorial on How to Get Started with Facebook Advertising

Thanks for watching!