Setting Up a YouTube Channel Page

Whether you're hoping to become a YouTube superstar or just post some videos for your business, it's important to set up your YouTube channel properly with the Channel One design that YouTube uses. Recently I recorded a screencast showing how to set … [Read more]

Theming 101 on

Matt Wiebe gave a talk at WordCamp Winnipeg 2013 walking through the basics of theming in WordPress: Direct link to video As Matt says in the intro, his talk assumes you have never built a theme and are literally starting from scratch. You'll be … [Read more]

Basecamp Power User Cheat Sheet

I use 37 Signals' Basecamp for managing most projects I work on and I came across this link to a Cheat Sheet for Basecamp users of shortcuts you can use in Basecamp. I like the use of "G" plus a number (1-6) to get somewhere within the website. … [Read more]